At or about 18:57 hours, a non-student reported she was at the northwest corner of Ed Landreth Hall when she was approached by a hispanic male who demanded her cell phone.   She refused and he grabbed her wrist and she pulled away.  The suspect then hit the female with a hard object on the back of the head and threatened to shoot her.  The suspect struck her a total of 4 times as he attempted to wrestle the phone from her before she bit him on the arm.  She heard a solid , metallic sounding object fall to the ground and he stopped striking her to retireve the object.  She was then able to  get up and run back into Ed Landreth to notify the police.  The suspect was last seen running westbound on Cantey street.

The suspect is described as a hispanic male, approximately 19-22 years of age, 5’8″, 175 pounds with med length dard hair.  He was clean shaven and wearing a black t-shirt with a bright colored design on the front and black basketball type shorts.