Police Services

TCU Police officers are fully-qualified, licensed, and experienced law enforcement officers with full police powers of arrest for offenses committed on property owned or controlled by TCU.  All TCU Police officers undergo specialized, required training to enable a better understanding of the nature of policing on a private university campus. Our patrol section consists of automobile, bicycle, and foot patrol units. Our Officers respond to all calls for police service on campus and the units are available 24 hours a day.

Our marked patrol cars, bicycles, and foot patrols ensure high visibility while covering all areas of the TCU campus and provide around-the-clock protection of campus community members and resources on property owned or controlled by Texas Christian University.  Other police services include safety escorts, additional escorts by  “Froggie 5-0”, emergency vehicle assistance, building lock and unlock functions, crime watch, self-defense seminars, active shooter response training, and crime prevention.

The TCU Police department employs three full-time detectives to investigate crimes committed on campus. In most cases, TCU detectives can complete the investigation and bring charges when appropriate. TCU Police and Fort Worth Police will work together on serious crimes that occur on campus.

Sergeant Chris Pratt



Detective Mike McCormack



Detective Librado Luevanos



Contact the Criminal Investigation division at 817.257.4404.

The TCU Police Crime Prevention Office is located at the TCU Police station at 3025 Lubbock Ave.  Please call 817-257-8400 for crime prevention tips, as well as safety talks and personal defense training.

Location, location, location.

Using geo-fences and the nation’s first Indoor Positioning System (IPS) for public safety, the FrogShield app systems can send accurate locations and pertinent information about 9-1-1 callers directly to TCU Campus Police.

Stop crime before it happens.

Instantly and anonymously send tips about suspicious activity, safety concerns, or even service requests using the iReport feature. Once an iReport is submitted, dispatchers can easily start a conversation even if it was sent anonymously. Photos and videos can be attached if desired and emergencies can also be sent via text when calling is not ideal.

See something, say something with Anonymous Report

The all-in-one Anonymous Report feature makes it easy to help detect and prevent unsafe conditions.

Start a conversation

When an Anonymous Tip is submitted, a conversation can be started by Campus Police, without disclosing your identity, allowing a further understanding of the situation and the ability to take action quickly.


App users can use Anonymous Tip to prevent or report safety concerns, submit service requests to the proper departments, or text the correct dispatch during an emergency when calling is not ideal.

Send photos or videos

Anonymous Tip can easily be sent with attached photos or videos, giving authorities a much better idea of what’s going on. Whether it’s a suspicious person wandering about, or a broken streetlight, attaching media is a great way to get the bigger picture.


FriendWatch provides an extra layer of protection for potentially dangerous situations. App users can enter emergency contact phone numbers of friends and family members in their profile, then activate FriendWatch’s timer before the activity (running in the park at night, walking in a parking garage). If the timer hits 0:00 before the user enter’s their personal PIN, emergency contacts are notified.

If you are having an event on campus you are required to submit a security assessment form so any security needs can be identified and arranged. Please fill out the form at the link below and you will be contacted by a member of the TCU Police department.

Special Events Form