Safety Tips

While the campus of TCU is considered one of the safest areas of Fort Worth, Texas, it is by no means void of criminal activity.  Being alert and conscious of your surroundings contributes immensely to your safety, as well as others.  Some personal safety tips you should consider are

  • First and foremost, pay attention to actions occurring around you.
  • Be familiar with your surroundings, identifying emergency phone locations and occupied buildings.
  • Walk with a purpose and exude confidence – have your keys and/or ID Card in hand when approaching buildings or your vehicle.
  • Walk with a partner at night. If no one is available, call the TCU Police Department (817.257.7777) or Froggie 5-0 (817.257.5856) for an escort.
  • Avoid dark or isolated areas during hours of darkness. If you sense that you are being followed, travel to a well-lit, populated area.

Property crime is a concern on campus, and your actions can help prevent theft and burglary.  Some precautions that you can take to avoid being a victim are:

  • NEVER leave valuables in plain sight, whether in your vehicle or residence hall.
  • Do not bring valuables to campus unless it is necessary to do so.
  • Register your bicycle through the TCU Police Department.
  • ALWAYS keep your room/apartment door closed and locked, even when you are inside.
  • Record serial numbers of all electronics and store this list in a safe place.