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Frog Shield

  • Anonymously report safety concerns while attaching photos/videos
  • Contact TCU Campus Police quickly and directly in emergency situations
  • Completely FREE

Allow Location Services & Connect to Wi-Fi for best results


Location, location, location.

Using geo-fences and the nation’s first Indoor Positioning System (IPS) for public safety, the FrogShield app systems can send accurate locations and pertinent information about 9-1-1 callers directly to TCU Campus Police.

Anonymous Report

Use Anonymous Report to prevent or report safety concerns, submit service requests to the proper departments, or text the correct dispatch during an emergency when calling is not ideal.

Friend Watch

App users can enter emergency contact phone numbers of friends and family members in their profile, then activate FriendWatch's timer before the activity (running in the park at night, walking in the parking garage). If the timer hits 0:00 before the user enter's their personal pin, emergency contacts are notified.

Campus Resources

Keep up-to-date with a collection of resources like contact numbers, crime information, parking changes and other important documents. As things change, the resources within this section will update instantly, ensuring that you always have access to accurate information.


Quickly connect with Froggie Five-0, access an interactive map of the campus or view the latest shuttle bus routes. FrogShield makes it easy to stay informed and connected.

Get Started

  • After you launch the app for the first time, you will be walked through some setup screens.
  • When you get to “Complete your profile…”, be sure to set a personal PIN. Pick any memorable number that you’d like.
  • Your PIN is needed when canceling a request for help or editing your personal information within the app.
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Video courtesy of TCU 360 student media.