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Indecent Exposure – Off Campus 10282021

On Thursday, October 28, 2021, at approximately 6:50 p.m., a TCU student was walking near
the intersection of McPherson Ave. and Rogers Ave., when she was approached a black Ford
Mustang. The driver, described as a Hispanic/Latino with a dark skin complexion, exposed
himself to her before driving away.
The TCU Police Department is conducting extra patrols on campus and in the immediate
surrounding areas, in response to this crime.
If anyone has information about this incident, please contact the TCU Police at 817-257-
§ Be aware of your surroundings.
§ Always travel with trusted companions, especially at night or in remote areas.
§ At night, walk in well-lighted pedestrian routes.
§ On campus, use safety escort services when available.
§ When reporting suspicious activity, be a good witness. Describe exactly what you
observe with as many details as possible. Give complete descriptions such as sex,
race, height, weight, hair color, clothing, etc. If a vehicle is involved, note the
color, make, model and, if possible the license plate.
The campus community is highly encouraged to remain vigilant and immediately report any
suspicious activity to TCU Police at 817-257-7777. Please program the number into your
cellular telephone and download the FrogShield mobile app to facilitate a rapid police
response. For off-campus emergencies, the FrogShield app will connect to 911. The best way
to increase the safety and security of the campus community is to report suspicious activity
before a crime can be committed.
The Campus Life office 817-257-7926, and the Counseling and Mental Health Center, 817-
257-7863, has resources and support services to assist any student who is a victim of a crime
or traumatic event.
Robert R. Rangel
Interim Chief of Police
TCU Police Department
817-257-7777 Main
817-257-7933 Direct
682-201-8147 Cell