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Off Campus Robbery 09052021

Dear Campus Community,
The following Public Safety Bulletin is sent to you on behalf of the Office of Public Safety and TCU
Police. Clery Timely Warnings are sent to the campus community in the event of a crime reported on
campus, in order to keep the campus community informed and vigilant. Public Safety Bulletins are
sent when TCU Police are aware of off campus crimes, which may also present risks to the TCU
Community. Please read the notice attached, in addition to Safety Tips.
The Fort Worth Police Department is investigating an Aggravated Robbery criminal offense, which
occurred off campus, at approximately 2:00 a.m., on September 5, 2021. The offense occurred in
the 3100 block of S. University Dr. where two TCU students were approached by a dark colored
sedan, occupied by two black male suspects. The suspects displayed a paint ball rifle and
demanded personal property from both students. After the students complied, the suspects
immediately discharged the weapon, striking one of the students multiple times and fled
Northbound towards W. Berry St.
If anyone has information about this incident, please contact the TCU Police at 817-257-7777 or
Fort Worth Police Department at 817-392-4222.
The TCU Police Department is conducting extra patrols on campus and in the immediate
surrounding areas, in response to this crime.
§ Always be vigilant, aware of your surroundings and prepared to evade immediate danger.
§ Always travel in groups when possible, especially at night or in remote areas.
§ Late at night, consider using a ride share service.
§ If you observe a crime or suspicious activity, be a good witness. Describe exactly what
you observe with as many details as possible. Crimes are frequently solved with
information provided by observant bystanders.
The campus community is highly encouraged to remain vigilant and immediately report any
suspicious activity to TCU Police at 817-257-7777. Please program the number into your cellular
telephone and download the FrogShield mobile app to facilitate a rapid police response. For offcampus
emergencies, the FrogShield app will connect to 911. The best way to increase the safety
and security of the campus community is to report suspicious activity before a crime can be
The Dean of Students office in The Harrison, 817-257-7926, and the Counseling and Mental Health
Center, 817-257-7863, have resources and support services to assist any student who is a victim of a
crime or traumatic event.